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Library Disability Support Assistance:  

About the Library Disability Support Service

The library works with the University Disability Support Team in helping support students with additional needs. Library staff aim to ensure that students with additional support requirements are able to make full use of the Library facilities. In order to take full advantage of all the Library's resources and services it is important to make yourself known to Library staff as soon as possible after starting your course. Please contact us.

Students studying with our e-Learning partner, Laureate should contact their Student Support Manager or visit the Centre for Student Success for accessibility support.

Services available

If you find it difficult to use the online catalogue, or obtain books from the shelves, arrangements can be made for a member of Library staff to search for the items and bring them to the Help Desk for you or your study support assistant to collect. It is helpful to provide at least a days notice if you require this service. Students with additional needs are automatically able to borrow short-term loan items for a longer period if this support has been recommended.

We will post out standard loan copies of books free of charge. Photocopies will be charged at the rate of 4p per page up to a maximum of £3.00. The charge will be added to your library record.

Note: charges for this service are counted as outstanding fines on your record and must not exceed £10.00 in total to ensure that your use of library services is unaffected.

For more details see the Book and Copy Delivery information.

Please contact us if you require any of the above in a different format. We can offer a bespoke document in electronic or print format taking into account your choice of font type, size and colour.

We hold a large number of books in print and also in electronic format where we try to acquire DRM (digital rights management) free PDFs that can be manipulated using the available screen reading software. There may be occasions when this presents difficulties and you will require books in a more accessible format. We will try to acquire an accessible copy of any core text direct from the publisher if you have a disability that makes it difficult to access printed texts. For any book chapters or journal articles use SensusAccess. Please note that our ability to supply such a document is dependent on the publisher and delivery times will vary.There may also be occasions when the publisher is unable to provide a copy and the law then allows us to create an accessible copy inhouse which may take a few weeks. You will be kept informed of progress by email.



Book a Support Assistant

This booking service is for students who do not receive disability funding for a Library Support Assistant and who have a recommendation in their support plan for a one- to- one Library Assistant.
We will allocate a member of staff to you for the time booked. 

The library offers a range of support services for all students with a Disability Support Plan. Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance at the Help Desks at any time.