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Researcher KnowHow: An introduction to Statistical Analysis Plans

An introduction to Statistical Analysis Plans

This workshop will discuss Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs) for research projects, the why, what and when. The information presented will be illustrated using the recent guidance developed for clinical trials but the principles will be discussed in relation to all types of quantitative research including examples from psychology and pre-clinical studies.

We will cover

  • Reasons for writing a Statistical Analysis Plan in advance and making it publicly available
  • Development of the Statistical Analysis Plan guidance for clinical trials
  • Essential contents of a good Statistical Analysis Plan
  • The impact of the clinical trial guidance on research practice
  • Statistical Analysis Plans in other research fields

This session will be particularly useful for PhD students and early career researchers who are looking to develop a Statistical Analysis Plan. However, it will also be of interest to established researchers wanting to learn more about current activities to improve research transparency within different research disciplines.

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