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3 useful resources every EEE student should know about

by University of Liverpool Library on 2021-04-09T12:04:00+01:00 | Comments

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Zelda Chatten is the Liaison Librarian who supports Electrical and Electronic Engineering students by providing one to one support with using specialist subject-specific resources, finding information for your dissertation or assignment, and referencing your sources.

Zelda has written a useful guide to some of the most important resources that every EEE student should know about, and why and how you can use them to support your studies.

  1. IEEE Xplore

If there is only one resource you need to know about as an Electrical Engineering student, then IEEE Xplore is that one resource. Use IEEE Xplore to discover relevant research, understand recent trends and developments, and engage with new technologies.

You need to know about IEEE Xplore because…

  • It contains the complete full-text of all IEEE journals, conference proceedings and ebooks as well as IET conferences and IBM journals
  • It is updated daily, so you will always have access to the latest cutting-edge research
  • You can download PDFs of full-text articles to read on the go
  1. Knovel

Knovel is the place to go for engineering ebooks, handbooks and technical reference sources. It searches full text ebook content and gives interactive access to data sets and technical specifications. You can search within a specific title or across the entire Knovel collection.

You need to know about Knovel because…

  • It has great subject coverage including over 500 electronics titles
  • It contains a large database of interactive tables, graphs and charts that you can manipulate and directly export into your own work
  • It includes a unit converter that enables you to quickly convert between any units of measurement
  1. BSOL Standards Online

Standards are codes of best practice containing technical specifications and guidelines, and if you’ve ever needed one you’ll know that BSOL Standards Online is the go-to for British Standards.

You need to know about BSOL Standards Online because… 

  • It gives access to the full-text of all British Standards
  • Often an ISO International Standard will have a direct British Standard equivalent so you can use BSOL Standards Online as a way to get ISO Standards too
  • You can set up automatic email alerts so you know immediately if there are any changes to the Standards you are using

All of these resources are available from the Electrical Engineering Library guide. Take a closer look to find out more and if you have any questions, contact Zelda Chatten, the Liaison Librarian for EEE. 

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