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Bluefire Reader Software for eBooks

by Elizabeth Lowe on 2019-07-29T11:31:00+01:00 | Comments

The library has been alerted to a problem with the latest version of Bluefire Reader. 

Bluefire Reader is a third party software that is needed to be able to download eBooks from some of the Library’s eBook Providers to you own computer or mobile device.

We have been informed that Bluefire reader has been removed from the Google Play and App Stores due to an issue with the most current version, so it is not currently available to download.  Anyone who already has the reader installed and has not upgraded in the last few weeks will see no change in functionality. A small proportion of people who have upgraded in the past few weeks could see usability problems.

If you don’t already have Bluefire reader, or you updated it in the last few weeks and are experiencing issues, you may have to try alternative software to download it, or read the eBooks online.  The eBook platform will provide instructions for how to read or download a specific eBook.  See FAQ “Can I get help for reading eBooks?” for advice on reading eBooks.

We have been advised of the following workaround for ProQuest’s ‘Ebook Central’ platform:  if you wish to download a book to your mobile device, when prompted for “What device are you using?”, select ‘laptop / desktop’; the browser will download the file and then you can open that with Adobe Digital Editions on your mobile device. 

We will endeavor to find out more information as soon as possible about the impact and timescale for resolution.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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