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Library App to be discontinued

by University of Liverpool Library on 2021-11-30T16:50:00+00:00 | Comments

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The Library app will be discontinued on 6th December but don’t worry, it’s not disappearing for good, it’s just moving to the My Liverpool app.

You may be familiar with the Library app, most commonly used for its personal ID QR code which allows you to enter the libraries and also borrow books at the check-out machines without needing to use your student card.

The Library app has been absorbed into the University’s My Liverpool app which is designed to enhance your experience whilst studying at the University of Liverpool, giving you the ability to view events, create a personalised planner and access information and support.

The library section of the My Liverpool app provides the same functionality that can currently be found on the Library app, plus additional features. As well as your ID QR code and the ability to view your books and book study spaces, the new app allows you to view and book upcoming Library and KnowHow events and contact support directly from the app via Library Chat.

The My Liverpool app also includes:

  • Up to date events listing
  • Event reminders and notifications
  • Personalised itinerary
  • Sync favourites with your calendar
  • Maps to the various events on campus
  • GPS tracker to help you find your way around campus
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Useful Contacts

Download the My Livepool app from the App store or for Android.

Please note: the My Liverpool app is not available for alumni or other visitors so if you wish to visit the library, you will need to bring your card.

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