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Managing Your Time at University

by University of Liverpool Library on 2021-09-28T10:07:00+01:00 | Comments

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When studying at university, you will have various competing demands on your time which can sometimes feel difficult to manage.

You will need to allocate time for both the online and face to face elements of your course and you will also need to balance your studies with other work that you may undertake, your social life, and any family commitments.

Learning to manage your time well is a key skill that will enable you to achieve the best possible results at university and also make your time at university more enjoyable. 

Workshops and Tutorials

The University’s KnowHow team are here to support you in developing the skills that you need to achieve academic success. 

To develop your Time Management skills, visit the KnowHow Canvas course for your subject and complete the Time Management Tutorial. You will learn how to:

  • Create successful study plans
  • Prioritise effectively
  • Deal with distractions

Why not also join our online workshop about Time Management on Wednesday 29th September? The session will prompt you to think about how you currently spend your time and how you could manage it more effectively. You will explore techniques for prioritisation, organising your workload, learning in a hybrid environment and avoiding distractions and procrastination. Book your place on the workshop.

View all upcoming KnowHow sessions.

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