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Preparing for Exams - Student Blog

by University of Liverpool Library on 2022-12-06T13:51:00+00:00 | 0 Comments

Hi Everyone, it’s Timothy again from the KnowHow student team. Having gone through the first year of university, I found the task of preparing for university exams very different from that during my A Levels. Hence, I would like to provide you with some tips on how you should prepare for your exams while in university.

Checking the type of exams

First off, you would want to check what type of exams you will be sitting for. Knowing what exams you will be sitting for would help you to set out an exam study plan and also help you to prepare logistically for it. Some common details to check out regarding your exams are:

  • The format of the exam- Online/ In-Person
  • The duration of the exam- Variable time frame/ Fixed time frame
  • The structure of the exam- Multiple Choice Questions/ Short Answer Questions/ Essays

On-line Exams

There is a variety of benefits to having on-line exams ranging from ease of accessibility, easy grading with the online tools, to reducing the pressure of examinations. However, it is essential that you prepare strategically for your online exam.

  1. Inform your flatmates that you will be sitting for an exam and request for them to not disturb you
  2. Ensure that you remove any distractions from your reach when setting up your exam area. Some faculties will request for you to pan your camera across the room so remember to hide your dirty laundry.
  3. Prepare a backup for when your broadband might decide to give up on you
  4. Do not forget to click submit when you are done with your exam

In-person Exams

When preparing for an in-person exam, it helps a lot when you have an idea of what to expect for it. You should check and note down the following:

  • Where the exam will take place & how to get there
  • When you will need to get there- some schools require you to arrive earlier than the exam starting time
  • What you will need to bring along (Bring a coat if you think it will be cold in the exam venue)
  • Where you will be sitting

Studying for your exams

While it is easy to fall into a vicious cycle of stressing over how prepared you are and staying up all night for revision, make sure to allocate time to allow yourself to relax. Allocate time for daily necessities such as meal preparations and doing the laundry. Remember that your mental health is important too.

KnowHow Resources

Don’t forget that there are a variety of KnowHow resources available to help you with preparing you exams, be it from time management to subject specific topics such as statistics and academic reading. Hopefully these tips will help you to feel more prepared for your exams and to feel less stressed about them.

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