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Intermittent issues: advice if you have problems accessing online resources


Problems with access to eResources: Update

by Elizabeth Gillespie on 2019-01-16T11:02:00+00:00 | Comments


The Library is currently experiencing intermittent disruption to access to online resources, related to issues with our authentication provider.  The problem is being investigated as a matter of urgency.

Continue to use online resources via the library website as normal; but if you experience an error when trying to access online resource, please follow the advice below:

On Campus
If you are on campus, access to online resource should work as normal when accessed via the library website.
If you see an error when on campus, it should last no more than a few minutes until a back-up initiates, which will restore access. 

Off Campus
If you are off campus, install AppsAnywhere, open a web browser using that, and then access online resources as normal via the library website 

Alternatively, below are direct access links for some specific resources:

If a resource isn’t on this list you may still be able to log in to it off campus, by using its own login or sign in options – look for an option such as ‘institutional login’. It may ask you to select "UK Federation", "UK Higher Education", or “shibboleth”; if University of Liverpool is listed you will be able to login using your MWS username/password. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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