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Cochrane Library platform issues

by Elizabeth Lowe on 2018-09-14T16:13:00+01:00 | Comments

A new Cochrane website was launched in August 2018.  The publisher, Wiley, are aware some users are experiencing problems which include searching and finding content and saving searches. Wiley are currently working on fixing these problems as quickly as possible, and have provided the following advice and information:


Cochrane Library Temporary Issues and Fixes

1. Login issues: Some users are experiencing issues with login especially from the search page.  Despite typing in the correct password multiple times, the password is not accepted, and the user cannot login.  This can occur when trying to save a search, retrieve saved searches or use the login button at the top of the search page.

Possible solutions: 

  • Option 1:  Go to the Cochrane Library Homepage and use the login button on the top right of the page to login. Then proceed to the search page
  • Option 2: From search page, use your browser option to refresh the page and retry login

2. Search won’t save:  There is currently an issue if users create a search line on the search tab and use the “Add to Search Manager” tab to move the search.  While these search lines transfer correctly, they are causing issues where the search cannot be saved.

Possible Solutions:

  • Until this problem is resolved, build complex searches in the search manager tab.
  • Delete the problem line and use the new Search Wizard Slideout [S] on the Search Manager tab to access the features of the Search Tab directly on the Search Manager tab to enter the line.  If search is entered in this fashion, the search will work.

3. Cannot export search results:  After running a complex search, some users are not able to export search results.  It can occur for any of the download formats offered. 

Possible solution: 

  • Try splitting your search result into smaller segments using date range filters or by applying date limit filters.  Export these smaller file segments.  NOTE: When working normally, the export feature supports export of up to 20,000 articles and it should NOT be necessary to reduce to smaller components

4. Search appears different in print than on the Search Page:  If users directly key a MeSH term in the Search Manager and then print the search, the Mesh line looks different.  In the print format, these MeSH lines get translated to use the format used if they were entered from the Mesh tab directly.  This will not impact the ability to run or recreate the search (since the search lines are interchangeable) but we are working to not have this translation occur. 

Possible solution:

  • Use the new MeSH button slideout to choose MeSH terms on the Search Manager page

5. Complex Searches will not print:  When running complex searches from the search manager tab, some users are experiencing issues with the print button or the export search on the saved search options not working.  This is preventing users from documenting their searches.  There is currently no workaround to this issue but this is being urgently worked on and we hope to have this resolved within the next 7 days but further updates will be communicated.


Wiley thank you for your patience and ongoing support whilst these address these problems.

For training materials for the new site, please visit the new Cochrane Library Training Hub, which will include videos, webinar sessions, recorded webinars, and other resources. Simply complete the one-time sign up, and you will have access to this regularly updated Training Hub for free.

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