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Management School: Company information


Tutorial: Finding and referencing company, market & industry information

Databases for finding UK and Irish Company information

Databases for finding information on international companies


Mintel Reports contains consumer research, sales data, market information and analysis.

SWOT Analyses

You can find SWOT analyses in most company and industry reports using the databases listed on the left.  

Try using Business Source Complete as well - you can run a search specifically for a SWOT analysis, rather than the entire report.


pshegubj (2011) "SWOT"

Annual reports

A great place to start your research is with the company's annual report. Companies usually provide their most recent annual reports on their own corporate website, so try a Google search for the company name.

The information from previous annual reports can usually be found in the company information databases on the left.

Plantoo47 (2010) "Business planning with plantoo"

BBC Company News

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