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Library - University of Liverpool
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Digitisation Service: VLE MOT

The Library offers several services to help academics to get the highest quality and copyright-compliant scanned resources for their students.

The Library offers an MOT service to look at the copyright compliance of your Canvas/VITAL module pages and provide feedback, support and guidance about the resources that are stored there.

As part of this service the Library will:

  • Check that PDFs are copyright compliant, and try to attain a licence or permission to use those materials if they aren’t.Advise where PDFs should be replaced with a link to the resource in online holdings, as per CLA licence requirements.
  • Replace old scans with high quality scans of texts ensuring they are fully OCR accessible for students with disabilities.
  • Ensure all scans are be accounted for with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) giving you security in knowing that all of your materials are compliant within the law.
  • At years end we will rollover the scans to the following academic year and we will perform all the checks and acquire any licences to make sure it is still compliant – saving you time and granting peace of mind for the next year.
  • We can also embed the Discover search tool so that both and your students can search for available resources without having to leave Canvas/VITAL.

Powerpoint slides and handbooks are not included in our MOT service; but we are happy to be a point of contact to offer advice and help with any enquiries you might have regarding attribution within them. Look at our MOT guide or our Copyright guide for more information about attribution .

Our Digitisation Service can be used to help you save time, ensure copyright compliance, and source accessible materials. Simply use our Reading Lists @ Liverpool and let us do all the hard work for you.

Before uploading materials to Canvas/VITAL why not consult our handy checklist to make sure your resources are copyright compliant.



“I’m grateful to the library team for both the digitisation service and the VITAL ‘MOT’. This makes material easily available to students, and it’s a great reassurance to know that rights and permissions are being checked.” – Graeme Milne
“This is all extremely clear.  Next semester I hope to use your advice to make these two modules fully copyright-compliant.  There are so many responsibilities and tasks that compete on our time that having yourself look for, identify and even resolve problems is a big help.  Please take this as positive feedback! ” - Fiona Hobden
"I have found the service professional, beneficial and informative.  It has allowed me to ensure I remain copyright compliant and would advise people to take up this great service.  I have found the service excellent with regards to advice given and response times." - Helen Marshall

To request an MOT please contact your Liaison Librarian or the Digitisation Team


For general information and support, contact your Liaison Librarian.

If you have any questions about digitisation or VITAL MOTs please contact the Digitisation Team.

Alternatively you can contact the Licensing Manager (For Digitisation, Reading Lists and VITAL MOT enquiries): 0151 795 8767