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Library - University of Liverpool
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English: Using the library

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Where do I find my books?

The majority of English books will be found on the Second floor of the Grove Wing in the Sydney Jones Library.

If you want simply to browse the shelves,
General Literature can be found at classmark PN
English Literature at PR and
American Literature at PS
A more detailed guide to the classifaction scheme is also available.


DVDs  (and Videos)
These may be within the main sequence of books, or held in cabinets on the ground floor of the Sydney Jones Library. In either case, it will be clearly indicated on the catalogue record.
You can view an A-Z list of DVDs & Videos available from the Short Loan Collection

How do I find my recommended reading?

Use Reading Lists @ Liverpool.  Type in your module code or keywords from the title, or your lecturer's name.  

How do I find journals and journal articles?

The best place to start your search for journal articles is DISCOVER. It is best to search using the keywords in your research question or topic. For more specialist searches, please read the information contained in the Journals and Databases tab of this guide.

If you are searching for a specific journal, search for the journal title in the library catalogue. The catalogue will tell you if the journal is available in print or electronic format. 

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