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SC&A includes manuscripts and archives, medieval to modern; early and finely printed books, and science fiction collections.

About the Pandemic Archive

What is the Pandemic Archive?

We are creating an archive of staff and student experiences of University life during the COVID-19 pandemic for future generations of researchers, and we need your help!

This material, both digital and physical, will be stored in the University Library’s Special Collections & Archives, accompanying records of the University’s official response to the crisis, which are currently being collected.

How do I submit my experiences to the archive?

To submit digital contributions to the archive, please complete the form below and upload the files directly.

To submit physical contributions to the archive, please complete the form below and then post the material to us at the following address:

Pandemic Archive
Special Collections and Archives 
Libraries, Museums and Galleries
PO Box 123
L69 3DA



Image showing possible pandemic-related artefacts

For processing purposes, please do remember to include your name and contact details in the package. 

We are encouraging a range of honest and personal reflections. Submissions are welcomed in a variety of formats, including but not limited to:

  • photographs
  • creative projects
  • scrapbooks
  • written content (letters, diaries, essays)
  • social media posts (screenshots/grabs)
  • printed ephemera (posters, flyers, advertisements)
  • audio and video content

Accepted digital file formats may include DOCX, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, WAV, MP3, MP4, .MOV. 

After the submission deadline (to be announced), SCA will host an online exhibition showcasing some of the material and will invite selected students to participate in its interpretation and promotion.

Longer term, the material will be catalogued and made available to all interested researchers via the Special Collections & Archives service.

Find out more about the University Archive

Find out more about the University’s archive, which includes administrative records, personal papers of former staff and students, photographs and objects relating to the history and function of the institution since its very beginning.

Submit your experiences

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