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Politics: Websites

Using web-based resources

This page brings together several websites which contain government information, data and statistics and news updates. 

When incorporating information obtained from websites into your academic work, it is important to consider:

Who authored the information?

  • An academic?
  • A professional expert or professional body?
  • A government agency/department?
  • If the author is unknown, look for other qualities which can confirm the reliability of the source.

When was the text produced?

  • Is the information up-to date? Is the website updated regularly?
  • Is the date of the source important to your research?

What is the purpose of the information?

  • To inform?
  • To persuade? 
  • Is the information fact or opinion?

Can the information be verified? Are there references?

If you can't be certain of the authority or veracity of information you have found freely available online, it may not be suitable for inclusion in your academic work.

European and EU politics

Social and economic data / statistical information

Human Rights, Peace and Conflict

UK Politics

US Politics

Global Politics and International Relations