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Reading Lists @ Liverpool: Students

Reading Lists @ Liverpool


Find your reading lists on Reading Lists @ Liverpool
Search for a module code, module title or a lecturer's name. Alternatively, follow the link from your module in Canvas.

Reading Lists @ Liverpool for students

Reading Lists @ Liverpool makes it easy to access the material your lecturers are recommending.

E-books: 'VIEW ONLINE' takes you straight to the e-book.

Journal articles: link straight through to the PDF.

Web pages: click through.

YouTube and other videos: play on screen.

Your lecturer can structure the list to match your module, highlight important items as 'Key' and annotate items to tell you how best to use them to support your learning.

Students say

"The system provides good tools to easily find articles and books."  – Anatomy student

"I really like Reading Lists @ Liverpool, especially when lecturers put extra notes about what to read and how to use the books and articles" - Medicine student

"Reading lists are a Godsend" - Maths student

"I use reading lists and Discover every day for my research" - Management School student

"Reading Lists @ Liverpool is great. The only disappointment is when lists are not completed" – Medical student

Best practice reading lists

In these best practice reading lists, lecturers use:

  • structure to match their teaching style
  • sections to make the lists easy to navigate
  • 'importances': Key, Recommended and Background
  • student notes: e.g. read chapter 1 in advance of the tutorial
  • digitisations: copyright compliant chapters so the whole class can read material online


New List View for students

Our reading lists have had a refresh and they're looking good - clearer and easier to use.

Click on a title to expand the item details within the page itself.

Click 'View Online' to open eBooks, digitisations or Web pages in a new tab.

Reading lists display better on mobile devices and are more accessible.

Any questions about New List View, please ask your Liaison Librarian.

Further Information

For help making the most of Reading Lists @ Liverpool, contact your Liaison Librarian.

Get it for me

Ask the library to Get It For Me.

get it for me

If we don't have a book, we will order it for our library or borrow it for you from another library.
For a journal article or conference paper, we will source a PDF or photocopy: for free!

Accessible copies of core texts

The library works with the University's Disability Support Team in helping to support students with additional needs, see the Library's Library Disability Support Assistance page for more information, including the Accessible Core Text Request Form.

Reading Lists FAQs