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Library - University of Liverpool
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Student Library Partnership: Home

Our student partners help us drive innovation in the Library


Have you got ideas to improve your Library?

Get involved - join us as a Student Library Partner!


Join us!

Contact Emma Thompson (Learning & Teaching Lead) for more details 


Notes from SLP meetings

Help us!


We want your ideas:

space ~ technology ~ books ~ online equipment access ~ discovery ~ skills   articles ~ resources ~ staff

...and anything else library-related!


Library staff

In 2016/17 library staff members of the group are:

Emma Thompson (Learning & Teaching Lead)

Zelda Chatten (Liaison Librarian)

Louise Russell (Customer Services)

Maylin Scott (Customer Services)

Why should you join SLP?

Join the Student Library Partnership and help us improve your Library

You will gain useful experience and skills that can be recognised on your Higher Education Achievement Report and added to your CV

  • Leadership

  • Negotiation

  • Chairing meetings

  • Influencing change

The Student Library Partnership has been developed in consultation with the Liverpool Guild of Students 

What is the Student Library Partnership?

The Student Library Partnership (SLP) is your opportunity as a student to influence the future direction of the library. Join us to discuss innovations, improvements and ideas that can effect real change in library provision at the University of Liverpool.

As a Student Library Partner you will be part of a motivated group looking to make a difference and impact on library operations and developments. For more information or to join the group contact Emma Thompson (Learning & Teaching Lead).

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