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Copyright: Information for Teachers

Introduction for teachers

The copyright law has been revised to support teachers to deliver multi-media teaching without risk of  copyright infringement.

For University of Liverpool staff: anything that is copied/digitised and placed on VITAL must have been copyright-cleared and be accompanied by a completed Copyright Notice Form. Alternatively, staff may use the Library's Digitisation Service which will automatically check materials for copyright-clearance, digitise the materials and embed the scans within Reading Lists @ LIverpool (contact your Liaison Librarian to find out how). Further information is given, below.

In addition any third party materials used by staff and students adheres to copyright law in any of the systems and communication channels used such as Drop Box, Google Docs, email, personal websites. Please seek advice using the contacts below

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact your Liaison Librarian or the Licensing Manager with your query.

Information for Teachers





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