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About Libraries, Museums and Galleries: Service Standards

Service Standards

The University Library is committed to delivering high quality services to our customers and we continually seek to improve our performance and ensure that the services we provide are responsive to the needs of our customers.

As part of this commitment we:

  • Have produced a Customer Charter which states what you can expect from us and, in turn, what we need you to do to help us to run an effective and efficient library service for all customers.
  • Have produced a document which outlines the Minimum Service Levels you can expect on weekdays in the Harold Cohen and Sydney Jones Libraries.
  • Carry out regular surveys on various aspects of our services, the results of which are presented on our web page: Surveys, Feedback and Complaints.
  • Have a written Complaints Procedure and provide reports on the comments and complaints we have received, both through completed Comments Cards and via our Help and Contacts page.