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Accessibility: Library Disability Support Assistance: SJL General Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emergency Evacuation of the Sydney Jones Library for Disabled Customers 

This information is designed to assist in the construction of PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) for University staff and students, and for use by visitors and support workers.

It details support in place and advises on what you may need to do in the event of a firm evacuation if you have a disability or mobility impairment.

If you would like a personal tour of the Library or to be shown any equipment, please contact the Library via to make an appointment.

What to do in an emergency evacuation:

  • Do not use any of the lifts apart from the glass fronted lift at the end of the link corridor between Grove and Abercromby Wings behind the staircase that connects to reception.
  • Make your way out of the nearest emergency exit if you are able following the green fire exit signs. (see section below).
  • Make your way to the assembly point in Abercromby Square 
  • Keep your mobile phone with you at all times.
  • If you need assistance to evacuate the building, please make your way to a staircase refuge area on any floor and call Campus Support on 0151 794 2222. Emergency numbers are available on all stairwells for students to call for help in an emergency.

University staff and/or Fire Rescue Services will assist in evacuation if this is required. However, you will not be evacuated in the case of a false alarm.

Floors with Accessible Evacuation Routes in the Library

Direct accessible evacuation routes are available only on the ground and basement floors. These floors offer wheelchair access to evacuate the building via direct access to a fire exit. The first and second floors do not offer direct accessible routes out of the building.

Additional Support /Equipment to assist with evacuation:

  • Digital Messaging Service: We advise everybody to opt in to this by texting the code SJLDMS to 07860 017165. This services sends a text when the fire alarm is activated.
  • Tannoy announcements will be made, initially, when the alarm is activated to alert users.
  • Evacuation Chairs are situated on staircases and staff are trained in their use:
    • Abercromby Grove Link: next to 2nd Floor Glass Lift, and 1st Floor Main Stairwell
    • Grove Wing: 2nd Floor Silent Study Fire Exits, 2nd Floor Rear Stairwell, 1st Floor Rear Stairwell, Door 144 and 1st Floor Middle Stairwell
  • Handrails are on all staircases
  • Emergency pull cords in disabled toilets