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Earth, Ocean & Ecological Sciences: Help

Get started finding information and resources for Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences.

Library Contacts

Help using electronic resources

There are a number of guides to help you get started with the electronic resources, either created by your Subject Librarians or available via the help and support pages of the resources.


Using Digimap for research

Digimap is a service that delivers maps and map data to UK HE institutions. Here is a link to the presentation given by Ms Vivienne Carr, Training Officer at EDINA, which looked at the facilities available within Digimap to help researchers use the data in their research. Topics covered include:

  • an introduction to the four Digimap collections: the Ordnance Survey Collection, Historic Digimap, Geology Digimap and Marine Digimap
  • how to make maps or download data
  • a closer look at the datasets within the collections, showing images in context

More information about using Digimap is available on the Computing Services webpages at 


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Full details on how to renew your books