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Electrical Engineering: Finding Books

Get started finding information and resources for Electrical Engineering & Electronics

Not enough copies?

If all of the copies of a book you need have been borrowed then place a reservation in Library Search. If a book has been reserved multiple times then the Library will order extra copies.

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Where are the books?

Most Electrical Engineering books are in the basement of the Harold Cohen Library. Find the location of books by using Library Search.

Locate the books

Class Subject

Electrical Engineering

TK 301

Electric meters

TK 452

Electric circuits. Electric networks

TK 1001

Production of electric energy or power

TK 2000

Dynamoelectric machinery

TK 2896

Production of electricity by direct energy conversion 

TK 3001

Distribution or transmission of electric power 

TK 4001

Applications of electric power

TK 4125

Electric lighting 

TK 4601

Electric heating 

TK 5101


 TK 7800


TK 7885

Computer engineering. Computer hardware

TK 8300

Photoelectronic devices 

TK 9001

Nuclear engineering. Atomic power

Find your recommended reading

To find recommended reading for your modules go to:

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