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Law: Learning Resources

Lexis Library and Westlaw UK certification - Shout about your skills!

Both Lexis Library and Westlaw UK offer students the chance to take a test and become a certified user at either Basic or Advanced level, which is a great addition to your CV. Achieving certification also demonstrates future employers that you have excellent digital and information fluency skills, and can find and evaluate legal information using two key legal tools.

The tests are multiple choice and you take them online. You may wish to refresh your memory of certain aspects of the databases before you take the tests, and the resources below will help you to do that.

Lexis Library

Both the Foundation (Basic) and Advanced certification tests are available from the Lexis Certification page. You will also find a Foundation and Advanced guide. For those of you who want to take the Foundation test, we also have a recording of a short training session delivered by one of the Lexis trainers. You will need to be logged in to access the recording.

Westlaw UK

The Basic and Advanced certification materials for Westlaw UK are available from their UK Law Student site. You'll see links to training videos for both tests alongside the links to the tests. We also have a recording of a workshop delivered by one of the Westlaw UK trainers for those of you wanting to take the Basic test. You will need to be logged in to access the recording.


If you have any questions abut Westlaw or Lexis certification, let me know 

Keeping up to date

Prepare for interviews and keep up to date with developments in the legal enviroment by checking out the Future of Law blog from Lexis Nexis. Westlaw UK also have a Current Awareness section within their site, so take a look there too. 

Library Induction for new students and Welcome Back information for returning students

First year and Direct Entry students can access the Library Induction information and the Foundation Week Information Sources for Law Students materials. A recording of one of the first year Using the Library sessions is also available, and a recording of the Direct Entry induction session.

Second and Third year students can access the Welcome Back to your Library materials.

LLM students can access their Library Induction information.


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