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Reading Lists @ Liverpool: Reading Lists

Reading Lists @ Liverpool

Reading Lists @ Liverpool can help you enhance the student experience of your module and teaching sessions. It allows you to create an accessible list that is easy for your students to navigate.  You can annotate your list with student notes and organise your list to suit your teaching whether this is by week, topic or seminar. With direct links to online resources and clear location details for print resources, students can easily access the material you are recommending.

Reading Lists are the best way to order new material for teaching or request digitisations of book chapters or journal articles. Just add to your list, send for review or request digitisation, and the Library team will review and purchase as necessary. If you need to order resources for your research, then use Get it for Me.

Use the help and guidance here to learn how to get the most from Reading Lists @ Liverpool. If you need a new reading list setting up or editing rights for an existing list, then email the Reading List team. If you have further questions or need help structuring and designing your list, then contact your Liaison Librarian.

Reading Lists @ Liverpool for Academics

Get set up on Reading Lists @ Liverpool


Make sure the Library knows what you need


Reading Lists @ Liverpool for Students

Reading Lists @ Liverpool makes it easy to access the material your lecturers are recommending.

E-books: 'VIEW ONLINE' takes you straight to the e-book.

Journal articles: link straight through to the PDF.

Web pages: click through.

YouTube and other videos: play on screen.

Your lecturer can structure the list to match your module, highlight important items as 'Key' and annotate items to tell you how best to use them to support your learning.


Academics - Help & Support

For general queries on using Reading Lists @ Liverpool (such as using the bookmarking extension or becoming editor of a list) you can contact the Reading List team.

For further advice on making best use of Reading Lists @ Liverpool to support your teaching, please contact your Liaison Librarian.

The system provider for Reading Lists @ Liverpool, Talis, have a comprehensive support site.

See the Library’s Knowledge Base for FAQs on using Reading Lists @ Liverpool.

If you are linking to Westlaw or Lexis+ content, please see our guide Reading List links to legal resources.

The Best Practice Lists show how you could make effective use of features such as sections, notes for students, importance and digitisations.

Students - Help & Support

For general queries or issues about using Reading Lists @ Liverpool you can either:

For help making the most of Reading Lists @ Liverpool
Contact your Liaison Librarian.