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Reading Lists @ Liverpool: Home

Find your reading lists on Reading Lists @ Liverpool
Search for a module code, module title or a lecturer's name. Alternatively, follow the link from your module in VITAL.

Further information

For information about Reading Lists @ Liverpool, contact your Liaison Librarian.


The library runs lunchtime workshops for module coordinators/contributors.
Follow the links below to book your place.

Forthcoming workshops:
Thursday 28th March
Thursday 25th April
Tuesday 21st May
Wednesday 26th June

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New List View for students

Academics talk about Reading Lists @ Liverpool

Reading Lists @ Liverpool: Advantages

For students
Quick, easy access to the resources your lecturers are recommending: books, journal articles, Websites - linked from your modules in VITAL.
More information: Reading Lists @ Liverpool for students

For academics
Flexibility and control over your reading lists, enabling you to signpost student learning.
More information: Reading Lists @ Liverpool for academics

For the Library
Providing access to the materials our users want and maximising use of our resources.

New List View!

Our reading lists have had a refresh and they're looking good - clearer and easier to use.

Click on a title to expand the item details within the page itself.

Click 'View Online' to open eBooks, digitisations or Web pages in a new tab.

Reading lists display better on mobile devices and are more accessible.

Any questions about New List View, please ask your Liaison Librarian.

Reading Lists FAQs