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Library - University of Liverpool
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Getting Started with the Library

Everything you need to know about using the Library this year

Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology: Using the Library

Using the Library

How many books can I borrow?
When is the Library open?
For answers to these questions and more see:

Using the Library

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Where do I find my books?

Most books are located in the Grove Wing of the Sydney Jones Library. Find out exactly where your books are located by using the library catalogue. If the catalogue tells you a book is in the Sydney Jones Library, that refers to the main collection in the Grove Wing.

You may find other books you want are in the Harold Cohen Library, or the reference section of the Sydney Jones Library (located in the link between the two wings) - the catalogue will clearly tell you the location.

The guide below will give you some more information on where the books are located. If you have any problems finding the books that you need, speak to a member of library staff. 

How do I find my recommended reading?

Use Reading Lists @ Liverpool to search for a module code or a lecturer's name to find your reading list. Not all lists have been added yet, but more are being added all the time.  


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