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KnowHow: English for Academic purposes

University of Liverpool English Language Centre

The English Language Centre provides an extensive, vibrant and innovative programme of academic language and skills support for students who are already studying at the University but who would like to improve their use of academic English. Have your say in what our new name should be by completing our survey!

These extremely popular classes are:

  • free of charge
  • taught by highly-experienced, friendly English tutors who are fully committed to helping you develop your academic language skills
  • provided throughout the academic year, giving you multiple opportunities to make significant improvements to your use of academic English
  • Regular attendance can make a significant contribution to performance on your main study programme and help you achieve your full academic potential.
  • Each of these classes will focus on a skill or area of knowledge which will help you with your studies. 
  • Each session is focused on helping you learn about or improve a specific element, so you can choose sessions which you think will benefit you most without having to commit to a longer course.  
  • Classes are open to all students and staff across the university. 
  • Each semester a range of varied topics is offered, on the following themes: Writing at University, Critical Thinking, Targeted Listening, Speaking at University, British Cultural Studies, and Pronunciation.

Submit a piece of your writing and discuss how to improve its communicative impact with an academic language tutor.  Consultations are open to all students across the University and will:

  • consider written work submitted as part of studies at the University of Liverpool. 
  • be based on a short extract of your work which must be submitted in advance of the session.  You can submit your work when you book or at a later date.  Please attach the assessment task/brief.  Please note that if you don't submit a sample of work, your appointment may be cancelled.  
  • focus on no more than 2 or 3 pages (approximately 750-1000 words) of your work.  If you want the tutor to focus on a particular section/feature of your work, please highlight this in your text or add a note/comment at the start.

Please note that tutors will NOT be able to:

  • look at work not assessed as part of your course (e.g. an article for publication or preparation for an external exam such as IELTS)
  • comment on/correct content
  • provide a proof-reading service or correct complete papers
  • advise on writing Personal Statements or CVs unless this is part of your assessed work

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Before you request a face-to-face appointment with an English Language Centre tutor to get feedback and advice on your personal statement,
you need to complete the preparation tasks available through the Careers and Employability website.

tasks will help you to:

  • conduct research by identifying and applying relevant information from university websites.
  • organise your personal statement by analysing some examples.
  • edit and proof-read to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

By completing the tutorial and an associated workbook you will have created a draft personal statement for postgraduate study. Now you are ready to book a tutorial.

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