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KnowHow: Stats@Liverpool


Do you have a question about statistics? Stats@Liverpool is a FREE service to help you boost your statistical skills.

Book a one to one appointment with a friendly Statistics Tutor for support in choosing statistical tests, using statistical packages and understanding statistical concepts.

Please select the relevant button below to choose whether you would like an online appointment delivered via Microsoft Teams, or an on-campus appointment delivered in-person in the Sydney Jones library. 

Stats@Liverpool Tutors

Stats@liverpool tutor Anders Life Sciences

Anders - Life Sciences

I am a third-year PhD student in the Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences. My research involves a technique called proteomics, which allows for the analysis of proteins in biological samples. I have previously studied biochemistry and statistics during my undergraduate and master's degree. I am able to help students with general statistics advice as well as more specific tools, such as the R programming language, data visualisation, SPSS, Origin, and bioinformatic analysis.


stats@liverpool tutor Elena

Elena – Psychology

I am a third year PhD student in the Department of Psychology, specializing in EEG, perception and alcohol research. I completed my undergrad in Psychology and my masters in Statistical research methods at the University of Liverpool so I have knowledge of the statistics needed for these courses.

My primary tools include R for statistical test, data visualizations and simulations, MATLAB for implementations of algorithms, SPSS for simple statistical tests and Excel for data organization. Additionally, I have extensive experience in using G*Power and R for determining sample sizes and using Python for experimental control and data visualisation.

Although I come from a Psychology background, I am happy to meet with students across all disciplines. I can help with general statistical advice as well as help with specific analyses, data visualizations, sample size calculations and data simulations.


Hannah – Psychology

I am a second year ESRC funded Psychology PhD student interested in child language acquisition in both typically-developing children and children with Developmental Language Disorder. I have also completed my BSc in Psychology (and Criminology) and MSc in Research Methods in Psychology at the University of Liverpool so have experience of the statistics requirements of these courses.

I am from a Psychology background but am happy to meet with students across all discplines. I can help with a range of statistics issues such as understanding basic statistical concepts, choosing the most appropriate statistical test, analysing, interpreting and visualising data (predominately using SPSS but also have some basic knowledge of R) and more.


Ieva – Neuroimaging

I'm a third-year PhD researcher specializing in neuroimaging, with a focus on studying language pathways in the brain using MRI. My expertise lies in computational analysis, and I work with a range of tools daily to decipher complex data. My academic journey began with a background in Genetics and Molecular Biology during my undergraduate years, followed by a Master's degree in Neuroimaging. This diverse background equips me to assist you in various fields, from bioinformatics and genomics to psychology and neuroscience.  

I'm your go-to guide for quantitative research questions. I'll assist you in selecting the most suitable statistical tests for your specific research needs. My primary tools include R for statistical tests and data visualizations, MATLAB for matrix operations, SPSS for a wide range of statistical tests and visuals, Excel for data organization and basic stats, and Python with numpy and pandas for data analysis. 

Whether you're a fellow researcher or a student seeking statistical support, I'm here to simplify complex concepts and make statistics approachable.


Stats@liverpool tutor

Luke – Economics

My name is Luke, I'm a second-year PhD student in economics. For economics students I can help with any form of econometrics, for non-economics students I can help with statistical relationships like regressions, creating and interpreting outputs from statistical software. I'm most proficient in Stata and EViews, to a lesser extent Python. For anyone who wants to make their written work look more professional, I can also teach you to code in LaTex.


stats@liverpool tutor

Matthew – Management and Medicine

I am a 2nd year PhD student within the Management School using statistical models to forecast in-play football matches and I also have a Master's in Medical Statistics. I am more than happy to provide statistical support with all subjects across a range of statistical programs including R, STATA, Python and Minitab. If you have any queries understanding statistics from your classes, I can take the time to clearly provide an explanation to give you a push in the right direction!



Rugare – Health Data Science

Hello! My name is Rugare, I'm a final year PhD student in Health Data Science. My work mostly involves the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data from cancer patients. My background is in molecular biology, I have been demonstrating on molecular biology modules throughout my PhD. Talk to me about any help you need with Python, R, statistical tests and hypothesis testing.

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