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KnowHow: Stats@Liverpool


Do you have a question about statistics? Stats@Liverpool is a free service to help you boost your statistical skills.

Book a one to one appointment with a friendly Statistics Tutor for support in choosing statistical tests, using statistical packages and understanding statistical concepts.

Please select the relevant button below to choose whether you would like an online appointment delivered via Microsoft Teams, or an on-campus appointment delivered in-person in the Sydney Jones library. 

Stats@Liverpool Tutors


Stats@liverpool tutor

Becky - Psychology

I am a PhD Student & Demonstrator in the School of Psychology.
I can help with Undergraduate statistics on SPSS and also with more general statistics queries (e.g. how to choose a statistical test).


stats@liverpool tutor

Dewan – Management & Social Sciences

I am studying PhD in Management School and can help with using SPSS, STATA and guiding to the use of Statistical Method. I have also completed my MSc and MBA degree and can assist to student from any discipline.

I can help and guide regarding any query about Hypothesis Testing, Parametric and Non-Parametric test, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (Data distribution, data plotting, central tendency & variability measurement, normality test, t-test, ANOVA, Chi-Square test, Exploratory Factor Analysis, correlation, regression etc.) and valid decision making based on result and so on.


stats@liverpool tutor

Georgina – Life Sciences

Hi there,
I'm Georgina and I am a second year PhD student here at the University of Liverpool. I am studying species reintroductions, focussing mainly on modelling the reintroduction process.
I am happy to help with general statistical analysis or with using R software.


Hannah – Psychology

I am a second year ESRC funded Psychology PhD student interested in child language acquisition in both typically-developing children and children with Developmental Language Disorder. I have also completed my BSc in Psychology (and Criminology) and MSc in Research Methods in Psychology at the University of Liverpool so have experience of the statistics requirements of these courses.

I am from a Psychology background but am happy to meet with students across all discplines. I can help with a range of statistics issues such as understanding basic statistical concepts, choosing the most appropriate statistical test, analysing, interpreting and visualising data (predominately using SPSS but also have some basic knowledge of R) and more.


Stats@liverpool tutor

Katie – Health & Life Sciences

I am a second-year PhD student in the Department of Public Health, Policy and Systems. I previously studied Maths and Statistics in my undergraduate and Masters degrees.
I can help with statistical tests, interpreting results of analysis, and data visualisation. I am also happy to help with using R and SPSS.


Stats@liverpool tutor

Lucy – Humanities

I am a second year PhD student in the Archaeology of Human Origins Research Group.
I use statistical methods in my research to look at shape variation in archaeological artefacts and fossils as well as the distribution modelling of hominin-suitable habitats in the deep past.

Primarily, I can help with statistics in R but I also have basic knowledge of MATLAB.

What is Stats @ Liverpool?

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