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KnowHow: Stats@Liverpool Tutors Can

Stats tutors can…

Stats tutors will not…

Help explain concepts that you may have come across, but not fully understood,
for example the null hypothesis, p-values, critical values, normal distributions etc
Analyse your data for you
Help you to understand the different tests and guide you in selecting the appropriate test for your data Tell you which test to use if you need to do this for yourself as an assignment (but they can help you to reach the right conclusion for yourself)
Help you if you’re having issues with a type of stats software,
for example not knowing how to transform data in SPSS,
not understanding an output you’ve generated in Minitab, or getting an error on a code you’re trying to use in R
Teach you software from scratch
Help you interpret outputs you have already generated,
e.g. where is the test statistic, which degrees of freedom should be quoted when writing up results
Answer general maths questions such as ‘How can I calculate the hypotenuse of a triangle?’, ‘How do I solve this quadratic equation in physics?’

Help if you’re a research postgraduate and you want to discuss your study design, e.g. do you have enough samples?
Will you be answering the research question?

Some tutors may be more experienced than others so if you have this type of question, email knowhow@Liverpool and we can recommend an appropriate tutor.

Be able to help if you don’t come with a question.
If you come along and expect to be taught statistics from scratch, there are better alternatives such as LinkedIn Learning, available via the KnowHow module on Canvas and VITAL