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Leisure reading and wellbeing: Leisure collections

Exploring our collections

Our leisure reading collections are all of the books, eBooks and audiobooks in our collections that are not directly related to your University studies. Choose from a wide range of genres including contemporary fiction, classic fiction, wellbeing and self-help books, themed reading lists such as LGBT+, BAME, award-winning books, and more!

If you’re feeling like you need a break from your recommended academic reading, why not explore our leisure reading collections to try something a little lighter, read a new popular novel or to learn about a new topic? Don’t forget, you can also browse our collections magazines and newspapers, free online films and even TV shows. We welcome your suggestions - recommend a title.



Read eBooks for pleasure and leisure for free by browsing our online collections.

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Community Reading Collections

Anti-Racist Reading List

As part of our collective responsibility we are collating an anti-racist reading list. This was inspired by the work of Layla F Saad, and the Chicago Public Library. We welcome your suggestions - recommend a title.

BAME Resources

Have a browse through our list of BAME eBooks.

International Women's Day

We can celebrate women every day, not just on International Women's Day.

Check out our selection of titles by inspiring female authors.

LGBTQ+ Resources

Check out our LGBT eBook collection to help you to learn more about LGBT+ history and culture in more detail and from a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

Liverpool Local Interest Resources

Our Liverpool local history collection features local history, music, sport, culture and places to visit in our great City and local area.

Transgender Visibility

Browse our collection of eBooks and audiobooks to raise awareness of transgender rights around the world and celebrate the resilience and success of transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Menopause Support

Browse our collection of books to support students and staff experiencing the menopause.

Reading for pleasure

Whilst this will be a busy time for academic work, it's important that you also factor in some time away from your studies. Below we've listed some free online sources for recreational reading:

Don't forget about the eBook collections available via your local public library. Read Liverpool is a fantastic service providing eBooks, audiobooks, magazines and comics to download to your phone or tablet.

Films, Music and Audio

Free films


Thousands of films, from blockbusters to documentaries as well as a great selection of classic films and World cinema. All available to stream free on Kanopy.

Sign up to Kanopy.

Once you are logged in, take a look at our playlists to get you started:

Box of broadcasts

Grab some snacks and put your feet up - see our top film picks from Libraries, Museums and Galleries staff on Box of Broadcasts.

Available free to all UoL students and staff living in the UK. 

You will need to login to BoB to view the playlist:

  • Click on Sign In
  • Search for University of Liverpool in the Where are you from? box and click on Go
  • Login in with your University username and password


Browse some of the most popular audiobooks in our collections and listen along while you work, from home, in the car, or wherever you want!

Spotify Playlists

Favourite songs recommended by students at UoL.

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