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Academic Liaison Librarians


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Carole Rhodes


Clair Sharpe


Heather Johnston


John Wright


Kate Murray


Liam Kaye


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Sam Gill


Samantha Gillies


Shirley Yearwood-Jackman


Zelda Chatten



Zoe Gibbs-Monaghan



Your Academic Liaison Librarian can help you to achieve academic success and save you time – engage with us to:

  • Navigate the maze of information resources to find relevant material efficiently
  • Develop your key skills in information and digital fluency to succeed in your academic work
  • Learn to think critically and make balanced judgements about information you find and use
  • Benefit from our expertise, support and reassurance throughout your time at Liverpool

Academic Staff

Your Academic Liaison Librarian can make your job easier and save you time – work in partnership with us to: 

  • Enhance your modules by embedding active learning opportunities for students to develop their information and digital fluency skills
  • Curate high quality printed and digital collections to support teaching and research
  • Create accessible, structured reading lists to support student learning
  • Connect to areas of expertise within the Library, e.g. on digitisation and copyright compliance

Getting Help from Your Liaison Librarian

Welcome to your Library

“I've really benefitted from our meetings … lots of helpful advice on how to use the library services properly and how to use the best platforms for finding research papers.”

“Excellent explanations, I now have a much clearer idea about how to undertake a literature review and use of Endnote.”

“Fantastic and really helped me out, answering all the questions I had before I even asked them!”

“Not only helped me in all the queries and doubts I had, but also helped me look on the positive sides of things, which … helped boost my confidence ... I really recommend any student to attend one-to-one session.”

“Really really helpful and made me feel more confident in using the library services. Thank you so so much.”

“Very insightful and I didn't expect the Librarian to help me so much with my work.”