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Linkedin Learning Guide: Home

LinkedIn Learning - Learn in-demand skills with over 16,000+ online courses taught by real-world professionals


Most popular course currently at University of Liverpool: Excel Essential Training (Office 365 / Microsoft 365)


What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a huge online learning platform that will enable you to develop and build new skills through engaging online classes. Benefits of LinkedIn Learning include:

  • An ability to work through elements of a course in one sitting or, as time allows, and to track your progress
  • Access to informative and reliable content from experienced and credible trainers
  • Downloadable course materials and practical hands-on training
  • Playlists and bookmarks for future reference
  • The option to link your learning account with your personal LinkedIn profile

If you are a current Student or Staff member of the University of Liverpool, you can sign up for a FREE Linked in Learning account and access thousands of online video based training courses.


How to sign up:

  • Go to LinkedIn Learning or press the LinkedIn Learning button below.
  • Type your MWS University email address in the format: into the box provided and then press 'Continue'
  • Click the blue box labelled 'Continue to University of Liverpool'.
  • You may be asked to verify your new account by completing a simple puzzle and also by entering a PIN number which will be sent to your registered email address. 
  • Upon your first login, you will be asked whether you want to connect to an existing LinkedIn account. If you decline this now you can always change this at a later date in the 'Settings' of your LinkedIn Learning account.
    Learn how to 'Connect Your Learning Account to Your LinkedIn Profile' 
  • On the next page click 'Sounds Good'
  • You will  be asked to tailor your experience by selecting 3 skills that you would like to learn about, this helps LinkedIn Learning recommend courses based on your selected skills.
  • Next you will be asked if you want to set a weekly learning goal. Either select a weekly target or click 'Maybe Later'.
  • The initial setup of your account is now complete, click 'Start Learning'
  • Once you have created your account, you can find out how to use LinkedIn Learning effectively by completing the 'How to use LinkedIn Learning' course.


Sign up for your FREE account

LinkedIn Learning

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