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LinkedIn Learning: Hone Your Skills Today!

by University of Liverpool Library on 2022-02-23T14:11:00+00:00 | 0 Comments

LinkedIn Learning. Learn in-demand skills with over 16,000+ online courses taught by real-world professionals

I am Noor, a first-year medical student here at the University of Liverpool. I was recently asked to browse the educational platform LinkedIn Learning. Needless to say, it has been very beneficial. From adding new skills to your assets, to revising old topics, LinkedIn Learning is the way to go.

What does LinkedIn Learning Offer?

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform providing more than 16,000+ courses in many fields. These include Graphic Design, Project Management, Physical and Mental Wellbeing, Statistics and Coding. This vast array of topics means that there’s something to interest everyone. Moreover, with courses created by highly-skilled professionals, you are sure to learn reliably!

How Does it Work?

Each course is broken down into chapters which contain short videos, ranging from one to ten minutes long. Meaning that LinkedIn Learning is quick and easy to use - even on busy days. Each chapter ends with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge and allow it to stick to memory.

How Will it Help You?

As a student, LinkedIn Learning can help you revise content for your current subjects. Simply choose a video relevant to your course and start revision! Along with videos, there are a variety of PDFs, PowerPoints and resources to aid with learning. Moreover, its many courses on mental and physical wellbeing can help you become a better version of yourself.

The platform also offers exciting opportunities for you to learn and showcase skills for future employment. Allowing you to link completed courses to your LinkedIn profile for professionals to see!

My Experience with LinkedIn Learning

At first, I was surprised with the myriad of content and opportunities present on LinkedIn Learning. I soon realised how well organised and easy to use the platform was. I began by exploring areas that interested me. The courses that caught my eye were “Communicating with Confidence” and “Statistics Foundation: The Basics.”

After indulging in the course about communication, I was able to grasp a better sense of the art behind conversation. In particular, how to have important, meaningful interactions with others. I have found that courses explaining life-skills are very beneficial for my personal growth, and I am excited to try out some more!

Where Can I Find it?

As a University of Liverpool student (or staff), you get free access to the online courses available on LinkedIn Learning. All you will need is your university email address and to sign up. See our instructions for how to sign up to LinkedIn Learning.

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