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Shirley Yearwood-Jackman

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Shirley Yearwood-Jackman
I'm currently working remotely but you can easily contact me by email for support. 1-1 and group online apointments are available.
I assist all students and staff studying or researching in the life sciences and psychology. I will also be teaching on some programmes in these disciplines.

Contact me for advice on how to use databases effectively, finding resources and referencing.

Staff should contact me for library inductions, advice about maximizing Reading Lists@Liverpool or any guidance about the library.

My Guides

Biomedical Sciences
Last update: Jan 12, 2024 4 views
Health Data Science
Last update: Mar 21, 2024 23 views
Life Sciences
Last update: Jan 12, 2024 312 views
Last update: Mar 21, 2024 665 views