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How KnowHow’s Canvas Tutorials Can Help You Learn and Grow

by University of Liverpool Library on 2022-04-28T13:13:00+01:00 | Comments

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This blog was written by Noor, a member of the KnowHow team and a first-year medical student at the University

Have you recently started University? Are you currently looking to improve your academic and life-skills? Do you want to improve your wellbeing?  KnowHow is a useful platform providing opportunities for improvement to students. KnowHow's online tutorials are a convenient and useful tool for developing important skills needed at University. In my experience, the university environment is ever-changing and requires you to be adaptable.

Where Can I Find the Tutorials?

As a University of Liverpool student, you will have access to a KnowHow “Study for Success” course on Canvas. Simply log onto your University Canvas account, select the KnowHow course and select the tutorial of interest to begin learning!

What kind of tutorials are there?

KnowHow offers many tutorials ranging from academic help to comprehensive wellbeing resources. Moreover, the format of the tutorials are simple and understandable. They're in the form of interactive presentations which are accessible at any time.


The KnowHow exam tutorials are an absolute must for students in the upcoming exam season! They provide information on how to approach specific types of exams. Whether this is an essay style take-home exam or a multiple choice in-person paper, there is something for everyone!

Academic Skills  

The multitude of tutorials equip you with every skill you require in your academic journey at University and more! For essay-based subjects, start with ‘How to Find Resources’ for your research papers. If you have an essay to write, the tutorials ‘Helping with Academic Writing’ and Referencing’ will have your back. There's also a ‘How to write dissertations’ tutorial for help with your dissertation.


For subjects that require mathematical analysis of research, KnowHow tutorials cover Statistics, Academic Integrity and Digital skills. 

English Language Support

KnowHow's ‘English Language Support’ tutorial offers help for those who need extra support with English as their Second Language.  

University is a major milestone for every individual, not just in their respective academic field. As such, KnowHow provides resources on ‘Getting Started at University’, ‘Wellbeing’, and ‘Beyond Academic Life’.

Personal Experience

When I first saw the KnowHow tutorials, the Statistics resources jumped out at me. Especially as I felt that I could improve my statistics knowledge. The tutorial was organised in a clear manner, with sections and subsections for each topic.

I particularly enjoyed how interactive the presentations were. They gave an explanation, an example and a final question to test your understanding. I am now looking forward to trying out the Wellbeing tutorial. This tutorial aids in quelling the anxiety with navigating online learning platforms. A topic that is vital in today’s day and age.

What other resources are available?

Along with the variety of presentations accessible online, KnowHow also offers supplementary resources. These include online webinars and in-person workshops for extra help with all the topics mentioned. 

KnowHow has also teamed up with platforms such as LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning offers many more resources aiding in academic life and personal wellbeing.

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