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How to Study for Success over Christmas - Student Blog

by University of Liverpool Library on 2022-12-06T13:50:00+00:00 | 0 Comments

As the end of semester 1 quickly approaches, it’s important to remind yourself of just how far you have come! Whether you were new to the University of Liverpool in September, or returning for your final year, congratulate yourself on having reached this stage in your studies. Although a time to celebrate, many of you, like myself, will be looking ahead to those all-important January exams and deadlines. Here are some of my tips, as a second-year law student, for studying for success over the Christmas break.

Planning your time

The best way to manage feeling overwhelmed over the Christmas break is to make a plan. Using an academic diary or the calendar app on your phone, plan the days and times you plan on dedicating to studying and those you plan on spending relaxing and socialising. Having structure over the Christmas break will make all the difference to your preparedness for the January exams.

Catching up

One of the important tasks to complete at the start of the winter break is getting caught up on anything you may have missed. If you’ve missed a lecture, watch the lecture capture and fill the gaps in your notes or if you’ve fallen behind on reading, spend an afternoon getting on top of it.

Prioritising tasks

Being realistic about what you can achieve in a given timeframe is also important. Make a list of the tasks you need to complete and rank them in order of importance. Ask yourself: which has the most imminent deadline? Does this component make up a large percentage of my grade? Based on your own assessment of importance, start working through those tasks in a logical order.

Revision and coursework

Depending on your course, you may have lots of exams or you might have a number of coursework hand-ins - or both! If you find yourself struggling with revision, essay writing or any other academic skills, check out the KnowHow resources available through the KnowHow Study for Success Canvas courses

Online Tutorials - KnowHow - Library at University of Liverpool

Wellbeing as your no.1 priority

Ensure you make time during the break to relax and spend time with family and friends. You will be most productive if you allow yourself time to rest and re-charge. Avoid burnout by taking regular breaks to eat, sleep and socialise!

Have a restful break and best of luck in your January assessments!

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