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How Writing@Liverpool can help you!

by University of Liverpool Library on 2022-11-01T10:02:00+00:00 | Comments

Writing@Liverpool is a free resource which aims to help students develop their academic writing across several different areas. The tutors can help you with anything from writing a lab report to a dissertation. With a range of writing tutors from a different of departments, it is easy to get help from a tutor of a similar subject area or with similar experience. These appointments can also be made in person or online, so they work around your timetable.

Analysing questions

Sometimes the issue with academic writing comes down to the question, not the writing itself. Essay questions can often be vague or confusing, which makes it hard to know how to answer it. The Writing@Liverpool tutors can teach you how to analyse questions, so in the future its easier to decipher what exactly you need to write about. Once you know how to break down the question, you can get to writing.


Referencing can be tricky whether you’re used to it or not, from knowing if the style you are using is right to making sure the bibliography is neat and correct. KnowHow offers a range of referencing sessions and webinars but sometimes a workshop or tutorial isn’t enough.  The Writing tutors can go over your references and bibliography in order to explain specifically what is right and what is wrong. If the tutor is from the same department as you, they may even have experience using that exact referencing style and know how to use it perfectly.

Becoming more critical

When writing an essay, a lab report or any piece of extended writing it can be tempting to put everything you know down on paper. This isn’t always helpful however, and the Writing@Liverpool tutors can help you become more critical and cut down on unnecessary information. This skill can also be helpful when finding academic resources as you will become more critical of the sources you are using.

Planning/Structuring your writing

A key part of what makes academic writing good, is the way it reads and interlinks. It’s good to plan ahead and write out a base structure for your piece of work. Not only does it help you find a starting point but also improves the flow and structure of your writing so it reads better. The writing tutors can teach you how to better structure your writing which will raise your grade and improve your future writing!

Booking an appointment

This is straight forward! Through the KnowHow website, you can filter the Writing@Liverpool tutors by Faculty and read their profiles to see who you think you will work best with. You can then choose your tutor, pick and slot and book an online appointment or book an on-campus appointment

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