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Digitisation Service: Digitisation

The Library offers several services to help academics to get the highest quality and copyright-compliant scanned resources for their students.

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence allows the University to scan and optimise either a single chapter or article, or 10% of the whole publication, whichever is greater. Via the Digitisation Service, we can upload these scans to Reading Lists or embed them within Canvas for each module. The library has a dedicated team working to ensure your resources are provided as quickly, and to the highest standard, as possible.

Reasons to use this service:

  • All satisfied requests will be copyright compliant, reported to the CLA and have a copyright notice attached.
  • The highest quality scans are sourced and optimised to be OCR accessible for students with disabilities.
  • The Library has a commitment to a 5 working day turnaround time.
  • ALL students on a course can access this material simultaneously (unlike print copies and some eBooks).
  • Requests are live for one academic year, but will be rolled over into the next year (unless you request otherwise or they become excluded under the CLA licence, in which case you would be notified).
  • We can source material from other institutions such as the British Library to give you greater flexibility in choosing your resources.
  • In the cases where the CLA licence doesn’t cover the material you want, we will try to source a licence or permission from other sources such as the Copyright Clearance Centre or directly from the publisher.

Requesting a Digitisation

Reading Lists @ Liverpool are the easiest and most effective way to request and use digitised scans. It a single point of access for student resources, and can include live scans of documents as well as links to eBooks, journal articles and live information about the library’s copies of print materials. This is an ideal place to store your scans, and integrates seamlessly with our digitisation technologies. Once requested the digitisation team will provide a high quality scan for you. The scan will be automatically attached to the item on your Reading List and instantly accessible. Look at our step by step guide for how to raise a digitisation request through a Reading List watch our video guide.

Find out more about Reading Lists @ Liverpool or contact your Liaison Librarian.

Alternatively, if you are unable to use Reading Lists @ Liverpool you can still take advantage of the Digitisation Service by using our webform or by using the Library's Get it For Me service. Upon completion we will provide you with a link to embed within Canvas.

For more information about copyright, check out our copyright guidance pages.

There is more information about the CLA Licence in the following short video:

If you are unsure of what resources are included in the CLA licence, or want to know what steps to take to see if your materials are copyright compliant you can use their quick search tool or take a look at our handy checklist.


For general information and support, contact your Liaison Librarian.

If you have any questions about digitisation or Canvas MOTs please contact the Digitisation Team.

Alternatively you can contact the Licensing Manager (For Digitisation, Reading Lists and Canvas MOT enquiries):


Digitisation FAQs