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LUL MS.F.2.21: Book of Hours (use of Paris). In Latin, headings in French. France. Mid 14th century.

Detail of MS.F.2.21: Book of Hours (use of Paris) - opens full view of pagePhysical description: On parchment. i + 105 + i leaves, 145 x 110 mm. Imperfect.

Contents: No calendar. Prayers in French and Latin added. Folios 1-46: Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary; 46v-53: Hours of the Cross; 54-68v: Penitential Psalms and litany; 69-102v: Office of the Dead; 104v-105: memoria (added in 15th century).

Decoration: 7-line picture of the Annunciation f.1. Initials: 7-line blue or pink with white on pink or blue and gold, with leafy sprays (ivy) into margin; 2-line blue or pink with white on gold; 1-line blue with red ornament or gold with grey; line fillers blue/gold or red/blue; capitals filled with yellow.

Binding: Black calf, with clasps, by Douglas Cockerell, 1902.

Provenance 1600-1700(?): writing in Netherlandish

Provenance 1913-1913: bought by Charles Sydney Jones 1 Feb 1913 as item 270 (£40), the bookseller's catalogue entry pasted in.

Provenance 1913-1913: Bookplate of the C. Sydney Jones gift to the University of Liverpool.

Published citations and unpublished notes:

Former MSS handlist note: mid-14th century (J.J.G. Alexander, Otto Pacht, 11/9/1974).

Published descriptions

1983: N. R. Ker, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983).


Microfilm copy available for consultation.