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Due to refurbishment works in the Sydney Jones Library, Special Collections and Archives is closed to users from Monday 3 June until Monday 16 September (inclusive). We're still available for your enquiries via email.

Special Collections & Archives: Terms and Conditions of Donationaccredited archive service logo

SC&A includes manuscripts and archives, medieval to modern; early and finely printed books, and science fiction collections.
Terms and Conditions of Donation
  1. General Conditions of Donation

    1. After due process of appraisal, the University of Liverpool Library’s Special Collections & Archives (SC&A) accepts as a gift material which fulfils the criteria outlined in the SC&A Collection Development & Management Policy.
    2. The Head of Special Collections & Archives, in consultation with the Deputy Director, Libraries, Museums & Galleries, shall exercise the discretion to accept or reject on behalf of the University gifts of materials, based on these criteria.
    3. Materials received as gifts become the outright property of the University of Liverpool to be preserved in the University Library’s Special Collections & Archives.
  2. Preservation & Maintenance

    1. The collections will be stored in the University Library in conditions considered acceptable for the storage of the University's own Special Collections & Archives, as outlined in the Special Collections & Archives Collections Care & Conservation Policy.
    2. The University will take all reasonable precautions to preserve the collections from damage, loss or theft but shall not be liable should they be damaged, lost or stolen.
    3. The collections will be listed or catalogued as resources allow by a professionally qualified member of staff or under professional supervision. Copyright in all catalogues and finding aids will remain with the University.
    4. Donations are accepted on the condition that any item(s) which does not meet Special Collections & Archives’ criteria for permanent retention, or which is a duplicate copy in the case of printed book material, may be offered back to the Donor if appropriate, or else disposed of according to Library policy.
    5. The University Library will be entitled in its absolute discretion:
      1. to photograph, microfilm or otherwise copy items, in accordance with current copyright legislation.
      2. to number items in pencil for identification and security.
      3. to organise appropriate conservation treatments, including the physical repair of items, where and when considered necessary by the Special Collections & Archives staff.
      4. to restrict or withhold public access to items if in a fragile condition until necessary conservation work has been carried out.
  3. Access

    1. The collections will be made available to the public for purposes of academic research free of charge in the Special Collections & Archives during their advertised opening hours.
    2. By agreement between the Donor and Special Collections & Archives restrictions may be placed on public access to individual items.
    3. Donors may inspect their items in the Special Collections & Archives during opening hours by prior appointment.
    4. Subject to copyright legislation copies may be provided to members of the public for the purposes of private study and research.
    5. The Head of Special Collections & Archives will give consent to the verbatim publication of material in whole or in part only on condition that appropriate acknowledgement is made.
    6. Items may be exhibited by the University in original or surrogate form, subject to Intellectual Property Rights clearance as necessary.
    7. Items may be removed from the University for the purposes of exhibition subject to the approval of the Special Collections & Archives Manager and in accordance with SC&A Exhibition loan conditions.