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Special Collections & Archives: Policiesaccredited archive service logo

SC&A includes manuscripts and archives, medieval to modern; early and finely printed books, and science fiction collections.

Special Collections & Archives follows best professional practice and relevant standards for all its activities. If you would like to know more about our policies, please contact us.


SC&A’s mission means it is relevant to audiences within and without the University of Liverpool. The SC&A Access Policy is intended to discuss the nature of these audiences, the services offered to them, and plans for future development and improvement. SC&A’s activities also support the University of Liverpool Heritage and Culture Strategy 2017-2022.

Collection Development and Management

Special Collections & Archives cares for and makes available in perpetuity the unique and distinctive collections of the University of Liverpool in support of the University’s strategic priorities in teaching, research and public engagement. The SC&A Collection Development & Management Policy provides a framework for the development and management of the collections.

The document also acts as a guide for potential donors as to the content and format of material we are able to accept. If you believe you may have relevant material, please contact us to discuss further or see our Terms and Conditions of Donation.

SC&A works to ensure access is balanced with the long term preservation of its unique collections, both physical and digital. Our current policy is outlined in the SC&A Collections Care & Conservation Policy.

Exhibitions: external loans

As well as contributing to exhibitions in the University’s Libraries, Museums & Galleries, SC&A will loan items to external organisations for exhibition.

The loan of original material must be approved by the Special Collections & Archives Manager and the Deputy Director, Libraries, Museums & Galleries. Loan for exhibition will normally only be approved if compliance with the standards of care set out in the Conditions for loan of SC&A material can be satisfied and the Loan Request Form (PDF) is completed.