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Special Collections & Archives: MS.F.2.23: Book of Hours (use of Rome, Franciscan calendar), in Latinaccredited archive service logo

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LUL MS.F.2.23: Book of Hours (use of Rome, Franciscan calendar), in Latin. Florence. c.1470-1480.

Detail of LUL MS.F.2.23: Book of HoursPhysical description: On parchment. i + 247 + ii leaves, 132 x 92 mm.

Decoration: f.13v full-page picture, with continuous border, roundel in lower margin with shield of Taddei of Florence. Initials: six historiated initals of 8-line or less before the Hours of the B.V.M. (Nativity), Office of the Dead (Death riding a black bull), penitential Psalms and Hours of the Passion (Christ bearing Cross), Hours of the Cross and gradual Psalms, with continuous borders and roundels with pictures in lower border; 3-line in colours and gold, 2-line blue/red or gold/blue. Capitals touched with yellow, with decorative extensions.

Binding: In an 18th century gold-tooled Russia binding, with silver shell clasps.

Provenance 1900-1922: entry in a sale catalogue on f.1v.

Provenance 1922-1922: item 54 at £50 in Henry Young and Son Ltd, annotated 'Bought by C.S.J. July 22.'

Provenance 1922-1922: Presented to the University of Liverpool by Sir Charles Sydney Jones.


Published citations and unpublished notes:

In correspondence between D.F. Cook, Curator of Special Collections, University of Liverpool and Giordana Mariani of the Istituto di Storia dell'Arte, Universita di Padova from 1967, Mariani suggests that the illuminations in MS.F.2.23 might be by the same illuminator as MS. Lat. III, 103 (2968) and MS. Lat. I, 91 (2960) in the Bibliotheca Marciana, Venice.

Former MSS handlist note: 'The illumination is certainly by the young Attavante himself. Dr A.C. de la Mare. May 1978.'

Published descriptions

1983: N. R. Ker, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983).


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  • Medieval Manuscripts on Merseyside,1993. University Art Gallery, Liverpool and Courtauld Institute Galleries, London. Item 9.


Microfilm copy available for consultation.