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Special Collections & Archives: MS.F.3.10: Peter Lombard, Sentences, in Latinaccredited archive service logo

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LUL MS.F.3.10: Peter Lombard, Sentences, in Latin. Italy. Mid 13th century.

Detail of MS.F.3.10: Peter Lombard, Sentences, in Latin - opens full view of pagePhysical description: On parchment. i + 246 + i leaves, 192  x 140 mm.

Contents: fragments of a 15th century copy of Richard of St Victor on the Apocalypse used in 19th century binding.

Decoration: Initials: at start of books, in red and blue, some framed; 3-line in blue and red in the first column, some outside the written text of second column; 1-line blue or red in tables. Capitals stroked in red.

Binding: 19th century, reusing parchment leaves from a 15th century MS of Richard of St Victor's Commentary on the Apocalypse.

Provenance before 1826?: James Taylor, bookseller, 162 Great Surrey Street, London.

Provenance before 1895-1895: Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) Phillipps MS 2194, his sale 21 March 1895 lot 589 at £9.9s, to Nichols.

Provenance 1895-before 1898: H. S. Nichols, bookseller(?) bought from Phillipps sale above.

Provenance 1898- 1898: Harold Baillie Weaver (1860-1926) his sale at Christies 29-31 March 1898, lot 289.

Provenance 1898?-1913?: Henry Young and Sons, booksellers in Liverpool, item 262 at £13.13s in their catalogue.

Provenance 1913-1913: bought for the Department of Education from the C. Sydney Jones fund, 1 Feb. 1913. Bookplate of the C. Sydney Jones gift to the University of Liverpool.

Published descriptions

  • 1983: N. R. Ker, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983).
  • 1947: F. Stegmuller, Repertorium commentariorum in sententias Petri Lombardi, 1.


Medieval Manuscripts on Merseyside,1993. University Art Gallery, Liverpool and Courtauld Institute Galleries, London. Item 44.


Microfilm copy available for consultation.