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LUL MS.F.3.14: Book of Hours (use of Sarum). England. c.1360 and late 15th century.

Detail of MS.F.3.14: Book of Hours (use of Sarum)Physical description: On parchment. ii + 192 + iv leaves, ruled in red ink, paginated. 172 x 125 mm.

Contents: Calendar (each month on a double opening) and Office of the Dead, c.1350-1360; remainder second half of 15th century. Calendar includes Saint Frideswide and St Chad. Written in England.

Decoration: Framed picture p.180 before the Office of the Dead shows a woman as chief mourner at a burial service. Initials (Office of the Dead): 2-line blue or pink pattterned in white on gold; 1-line gold on pink and blue, patterned in white. Line fillers blue red and gold; Hours of the B.V.M., Devotions, penitential Psalms, Psalms of the Passion, Fifteen Oes of St Bridget and Psalter of St. Jerome have: 3-line blue and red on gold decorated in colours including green; 2-line gold on blue or red patterned in white with green and gold sprays into margin; 1-line blue with red or gold with grey. Line fillers blue or gold.

Binding: 19th century gilt morocco by Waters, Newcastle. British Book Trade Index lists Thomas Waterton Waters trading 1847-1901.

Provenance 1530s?-1600: 16th century owner has erased feasts of Thomas Becket (St Thomas of Canterbury) and the word 'pape'.

Provenance 1900-1969: no. 564 in unidentified booksellers' catalogue (Quaritch?); entry pasted into former MSS handlist. Purchased by R.G. Morton?

Provenance 1969-1969: Gift of Robert George Morton (1880-1973), of Beacon Tor, West Kirby to the University of Liverpool,1969.

Published descriptions

1983: N. R. Ker, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983).


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Microfilm copy available for consultation.