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Special Collections & Archives logo : MS.F.4.17: Portolan chart

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LUL MS.F.4.17: Portolan chart. Majorca, c.1530.

Detail of MS.F.4.17: Portolan chartPhysical description: On parchment (single skin). 102 x 640 mm.

Contents: Portolan chart of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the coasts of western Europe and N.W. Africa.

Decoration: Extensive decoration with depictions of Kings and other rulers, animals, etc.

Provenance 1900-1900: Thomas Glazebrook Rylands (1818-1900) bequest (1900): Rylands catalogue, pages 16-17.


Published citations and unpublished notes:

1925: Brief description and reduced reproduction in The Studio (1925),  v.89, pages 258-259.

1962: unpublished note by R.A. Skelton (1906-1970) "undoubtedly Majorcan, and probably by a member of the Oliva (Olives) or Prunes families." with further MS references.

2007: Cartography in the English Renaissance, edited by David Woodward: History of Cartography vol.3/1. Appendix 7.1 UKLi1---Anonymous (Catalan) chart [16th C] ref MS F 4 17 (page 254) by Corradino Astengo.

Catalogue description

1900: John Sampson, A catalogue of the books ... bequeathed by the late Thomas Glazebrook Rylands ... to the Library of University College Liverpool (Liverpool: University Press, 1900).


Detail from MS F.4.17 Portolan Chart
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