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Special Collections & Archives logo : MS.F.4.3: Diogo Homem, Atlas of portolan charts

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LUL MS.F.4.3: Diogo Homem, Atlas of portolan charts. Portugal, c.1561.

Detail of MS.F.4.3: Diogo Homem, Atlas of portolanPhysical description: On parchment. 7 charts and astronomical table. 450 x 290 mm.

Contents: Atlas of portolan charts of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the coasts of Western Europe.

Decoration: Coats of arms of ruling houses.

Binding: Contemporary gold-tooled binding.

Provenance 1900-1900: Thomas Glazebrook Rylands bequest (1900): Rylands catalogue, page 17.

Published citations and unpublished notes:

1952: D.I. Masson, 'A late Diegus-Homem-type atlas in the University of Liverpool', Imago Mundi, (1952). v.9, pages 69-71 + 1 plate.

1957: former MSS handlist records visit and later letter (30/9/1957) by Dr. A. Z. Cortesâo suggesting authorship of Diogo Homem and date of c.1561.

1960: reproduced and described in A. Cortesâo & A. Teixeira da Mota, Portugaliae Monumenta Cartographica, v2 (Lisbon, 1960), pages 53-54 and plates 163-166.

2009: Census of portolan charts and atlases: as reported and listed by the noted scholars of the genre in their works ranging from 1897 to 2008 / Richard Pflederer.

Medea-Chart | The Medieval and Early Modern Nautical Chart: Birth, Evolution, and Use: MEDEA-CHART Database

Published descriptions

  • 1900: John Sampson, A catalogue of the books ... bequeathed by the late Thomas Glazebrook Rylands ... to the Library of University College Liverpool (Liverpool: University Press, 1900).
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  • The Tudors : Passion, Power and Politics. Charlotte Bolland, editor (London: National Portrait Gallery, 2022). ISBN 13: 9781855145986. Published to accompany the exhibition: The Tudors: Passion, Power and Politics ; Holburne Museum, Bath, 28 January to 8 May 2022 ; Walker Art Gallery, National Museums, Liverpool 21 May to 29 August 2022.


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