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Special Collections & Archives logo : MS.F.4.4: Missal (Salzburg use)

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LUL MS.F.4.4: Missal (Salzburg use). in Latin. Salzburg. circa 1460-1470.

Published citations and unpublished notes:

1974: former MSS handlist records "f.126v illumination by Master of the Lehrbuchs of Maximilian of Salzburg (Vienna School). Dr. Otto Pächt 11/9/1974."

Detail of LUL MS.F.4.4: Missal (Salzburg use)Physical description: On parchment. i + 252 + i leaves, 400 x 300 mm.

Contents: Calendar includes Rudolf and Virgil, bishops of Salzburg; Temporal (Advent - Corpus Christi), Prefaces (with side tabs, and tabs at foot of leaves for main divisions), noted Magnificat and other prayers added in blank spaces.

Decoration: f.126v full-page Crucifixion; f.129v roundel at foot of page of Christ rising from the tomb. Initials: Calendar: usually green on dark red, patterned in gold, with foliage sprays in pink, blue and green; Temporal up to Prefaces: 3-, 2- and 1-line blue or red. Capitals stroked with red.

Binding: 16th century blind-tooled leather over wooden boards, with metal bosses and cornerpieces; four rolls on each cover, including one with figures labelled CARI, SPES, FIDE, FORT. Rebacked.

Provenance 1700-1800: '38' inside cover.

Provenance 1800-1900?): no.5 and M.J. Johnson f.1.

Provenance 1900-1900: Thomas Glazebrook Rylands (bequest 1900): Rylands catalogue, pages 14-15.

Published descriptions

  • 1900: John Sampson, A catalogue of the books ... bequeathed by the late Thomas Glazebrook Rylands ... to the Library of University College Liverpool (Liverpool: University Press, 1900).
  • 1983: N. R. Ker, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983).


  • Medieval and Early Renaissance Treasures in the North West, 1976. Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. Item 44.
  • Medieval Manuscripts on Merseyside,1993. University Art Gallery, Liverpool and Courtauld Institute Galleries, London. Item 6.

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