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Special Collections & Archives logo : MS.F.4.7: Philippus Cancellarius, In Psalmos, etc. in Latin

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LUL MS.F.4.7: Philippus Cancellarius, In Psalmos, etc. in Latin. France. Early 13th century.

Detail of MS.F.4.7: Philippus Cancellarius, In Psalmos, etc. in Latin - opens full view of pagePhysical description: On parchment. iv +  200 + iii leaves, 280 x 190 mm.

Contents: Philippus Cancellarius i. Summa super Psalterium; i. leaf 155a: Expositio super Threnos Jeremiae i-ii; ii. leaf 172a: Distinctiones quaedam super Psalterium (incomplete, Psalms vi-cxviii only). Medieval endleaves. Writing above top ruled line. Pricking in both margins. Quires with numbers and catchwords. Written in four different hands.

Decoration: Initials: f.1: 8-line E with blue and pink dragon and with horizontal crossing of lion/dog on gold; 2-line blue or red on red or blue; 2-line red; spaces left for initials.

Binding: 19th century.

Provenance 1200-1300: Contemporary ownership note of the Abbey of St Martin, Tournai on f.2 and f.201v.

Provenance 1400-1500: number clxxxxv cancelled and changed to clv on f.201v.

Provenance 1615-1641: A.39 in the Tournai catalogue of 1615 (Sanderus, Biblioteca Belgica, Lisle 1641 p.92). Note in former MSS handlist.

Provenance : Phillipps MS 2023 but sold before reaching Phillipps.

Provenance 1845-1900: Bookplate of W. Harry Rylands (1847-1922).

Provenance 1900-1900: Thomas Glazebrook Rylands (1818-1900) bequest (1900): Rylands catalogue, page 2.

Published citations:

i. P. Glorieux, Repertoire, 119b.; F. Stegmuller, Repertorium biblicum, 6952.

ii. Stegmuller, Repertorium biblicum, 6953, no MSS listed. Incipit: 'Quomodo sedet sola civitas plena populo. Interpretatur doctrina. Quomodo sola.'

iii. Incipit: 'Hic captat benevolentiam a persona iudicis. Domine ne in furore tuo arguas'.

Published descriptions

  • 1900: John Sampson, A catalogue of the books ... bequeathed by the late Thomas Glazebrook Rylands ... to the Library of University College Liverpool (Liverpool: University Press, 1900).
  • 1983: N. R. Ker, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983).


  • Medieval and Early Renaissance Treasures in the North West, 1976. Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. Item 7.


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