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LUL MS.F.4.9: William of Nassyngton, etc. In English. England. 14th/15th century.

Detail of MS.F.4.9: William of Nassyngton, etc. - opens full view of pagePhysical description: On parchment. iv + 206 + iv leaves, 200 x 130 mm.

Contents: Mirror of life; folio 202b: Lay folk's mass book.

Decoration: Initials: 6-line (f.2) and 3-line, blue with red. Start of line capitals filled in yellow.

Binding: 18th century with Gower crest on spine and title Gower's Poems.

Provenance: 1500-1600: 16th century titles on f'.1 - The mirrour of lyfe, and Iohn Gower written by titles Vox clamantis, Speculum meditantis and Confessio amantis.

Provenance: 1746?-1800: Armorial bookplate of Gower Earl Gower.

Provenance 1920s-1920s: Quaritch (catalogue 328, item 577).

Provenance: 1945-1945: Sotheby's sale (Sir Robert Leicester Harmsworth) 15 Oct. 1945, lot 2125.

Provenance 1946-1946: Purchased 1946: T. Thorp, catalogue 246, item 444 (but former MSS handlist records gift accession no. G19476).


Published citations and unpublished notes:

1968: former MSS handlist records attribution to Nassyngton from "Notes by Prof. J. D. Gordon who examined MS 31/5/1968 for an edition".

Published descriptions

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  • Digital Index of Middle English Verse (DIMEV) citation


Microfilm copy available for consultation.