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SC&A includes manuscripts and archives, medieval to modern; early and finely printed books, and science fiction collections.

Cold War Collection

More than 500 texts on the culture of the Cold War, from 1938 onwards, including spy fiction by John Le Carre and Frederick Forsyth.

Cover design for Cold War 83 showing both five pointed star and hammer and sickle

The Cold War, 1962

The Cold War collection was begun in 2000 with donations by David Seed aimed at representing broad aspects of Cold War culture. It includes historical studies of the CIA, espionage and intelligence agencies - European and American. Among its period publications are the first US military strike plan against the USSR and a first edition of 'The Politician' by Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society.

Apart from memoirs, political tracts, and military studies of topics like war games, the collection includes spy fiction (John Le Carre, Frederick Forsyth, etc.) and novels describing nuclear war, which is a point where the holdings connect with the Science Fiction Collection. The collection is being added to regularly.

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