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Special Collections & Archives logo : Science Fiction Journals, Fanzines and Fiction Magazines

SC&A includes manuscripts and archives, medieval to modern; early and finely printed books, and science fiction collections.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries coverThe holdings at Liverpool are primarily formed by the Science Fiction Foundation Collection of over 2500 titles, making it one of the most extensive in the world. The collections cover most of the last century and continue to grow to this date.

Critical journals

Over 600 titles, including complete runs of all the major journals, such as Foundation, Science Fiction Studies, Extrapolation, Science Fiction Eye, SF Commentary, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Vector, SFRA Review and Utopian Studies. Our journals contain a vast amount of critical work and, to facilitate access to this valuable content, we have indexed many thousands of individual articles from the major titles (see Articles Index below for details). Most of our journals are British, American, Canadian or Australian in origin but we also have around 100 non-English titles covering Western and Eastern European science fiction.


Over 1000 titles from the mid-20th century to the present day, including over 100 non-English fanzines. Our fanzines are a rich source of author interviews, contain plentiful critical analysis to complement the more formal journals and provide insights into the history of science fiction fandom. Consequently, many items from the most substantial fanzines can be found in the Articles Index below.

Fiction magazines

600 titles from the 1920s to the present, including some of the earliest issues of Amazing Stories, Wonder Stories and Astounding, as well as 100 non-English titles. Our collection of magazines reflects the importance of their role as a fertile breeding ground for science fiction and records the earliest works of many leading writers, helping to complete the picture of many a literary career.

Searching for journals, fanzines and fiction magazines

Records of all periodicals titles are contained within the SF Catalogue. Each periodical is catalogued in detail to facilitate advanced searching, including full bibliographic details, publication history, holdings information, editors' names and subject headings. Where the title of a periodical has changed, links to the continuing or preceding title are also provided. Please pay particular attention to the holdings notes for each record, as we do not have complete runs for all titles in our collections.


In developing the collection, we are entirely dependent upon the generosity of publishers, writers and collectors. Our aim is to promote research into science fiction by providing access to and complementary research tools for as comprehensive a collection as possible. Please help us to fill gaps in the collection by contacting us if you have any relevant material to donate.

Articles Index

An important part of the SF Hub is the indexing of individual articles (including essays, interviews, book reviews, editorials and letters) within the most important science fiction journals and fanzines in our collections. Many of these publications have never been indexed anywhere else, making large amounts of valuable critical material easily accessible for the first time.

The articles index is contained within the SF Catalogue. This enables seamless searching of books, periodicals and articles, although searches may be limited to articles only. To facilitate research, each article has been described in depth, including full bibliographic details and subject headings.

All issues in our holdings of the titles listed opposite have been indexed. Amongst these, new issues of titles still in publication will continue to be indexed. Click on a title to view the full list of articles indexed from a particular journal or fanzine.

Please note that indexing is based on the collections of science fiction journals and fanzines in The University of Liverpool's Special Collections and Archives. Although this includes the extensive Science Fiction Foundation Collection, these holdings are not comprehensive for every title.

Furthermore, only the most useful material within the journals and fanzines has been selected for indexing. Any piece which does not have substantial critical content, including short or non-analytical book reviews, letters and editorials, has been omitted.


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